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Plastic-free Campuses & Education

Your student, teacher, and administrator roadmap to becoming a plastic-free school and university

About Plastic-free Campuses & Education

Break Free From Plastic has been working on solutions to stop plastic pollution for good, and young people are an important part of reaching this vision!

Youth and education spaces have been driving forces for action and change in the climate, human rights, and pro-democracy movements. Young people need the support, more than ever, to be able to realize this vision of a plastic-free society starting with the spaces where they grow, learn, and flourish—schools!

  • Plastic-free Campuses

    We’ve created manuals to help you map out your school’s policies and journey towards a Plastic-free Campus. Crafted from existing practices and tools of plastic-free campuses worldwide, these manuals are written for students, teachers, and administrators alike.

  • Plastics Education

    The foundation of your plastic-free campaign will be an informed school community. BFFP has created these resources to help teachers design lesson plans for any grade level and adapt modules to existing classes.